Sunday, February 13, 2011

We have a long way to go...

The underlying cause of what is often called either transphobia or homophobia is really something we have tagged as "gender non-conformophobia"... and at the core of that, lies misogyny.

While the things you will hear from Pastor Steven Anderson in this video are ignorant, despicable, judgmental and abusive, we believe he serves a useful purpose - he demonstrates, without any filter, the evil and danger that is the foundation for the intolerance, bigotry, physical and emotional abuse that gender non-conforming and transgender children and youth experience.

It's not an easy video to watch... but Pastor Anderson speaks the truth (as he sees it)... and it should terrify and energize everyone to speak up and out against this type of child abuse.

FYI: The Faithful Word Baptist Church has been labeled a "Hate Group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


  1. When Jesus came around, he shared with us the (novel at the time) idea that God loves us. Not loves us unless, loves us because, or any other qualifiers. Loves us, period. Unconditionally.

    Over the years people come around who will claim otherwise. For me the answer to the question "Do I believe them or Jesus" is easy.


  2. I told JESUS I wouldn't go to church and He SHOOK MY HAND!

  3. As a pastor myself (who struggles with crossdressing), I beg all of you to not judge the overall universal Church by this man and his church. While it is true that most of the universal church says that homosexual behavior and crossdressing are sinful actions, they do not spew the kind of toxic hatred that this man does. I don't know whether he is truly a follower of Jesus or not. Only God knows. But from his words and actions, it seems to me that he has never had Jesus transform his life after experiencing the forgiveness and mercy of Jesus. He lacks the love of Jesus.

    In fairness to him, I'd like to see his whole sermon rather than just the random snippets, but I've seen other videos of him before, and I find him abrasive, shameful, and despicable.

    I don't apologize for my views that homosexual behavior and crossdressing are sinful actions. But I apologize on behalf of the Church that the Church has often promoted harmful gender stereotypes, has often judged people too harshly without looking at the sins in our own hearts, and has often not loved those with mercy who are different from the norm.

    I believe it is very possible for us all to live at peace in our country, without bullying, without injustice, and without hate, even if the Church and Christians keep their moral standards.