Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gender expression the intervening variable in school bullying

Ritch Savin-Williams, professor of developmental psychology and director of Cornell University's Sex and Gender Lab thinks so:

"First, middle schools can be tough places for youth who are 'different.' Bullies, however, seldom limit their attacks to gay youth. Research at Cornell's Sex and Gender Lab concludes that the life satisfaction of both straight and gay youth suffers if they behave in a gender 'inappropriate' manner (feminine boys, masculine girls). It is gender expression, not sexual orientation per se, that is linked with decreased psychological wellbeing, and this is likely the result of bullying."

He also added:

"It is important to point out in these moments of grief that there is absolutely no scientific evidence of an 'epidemic of gay youth suicide,' or even that gay youth kill themselves more frequently than do straight youth."

I know it is non-PC to come out with this observation but it is believable from my perspective as a kid whose gender expression deviated from mean.

I was bullied and called a faggot. I even considered suicide because of the bullying and name calling. But I was not gay, I'm Trans.

And the guys who were actually gay in my HS Class? They were football players, popular, good at sports; their masculinity was never questioned. I'm sure they had problems like every teenager and may have even been in silent misery over being attracted the same sex. But they sure as hell didn't walk around the halls in fear of their well-being like I did.

No scientific evidence' of gay youth suicide epidemic


  1. I guess my "crime" was in lack of knowledge on the subject. I guess the old line of "Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law" applies here.

    As we travel through life, we don't always have clear lessons on as to how we are "supposed" to behave. As in "boys do things and and girls do other things."

    Here we are.

    When I was in school, I was called every "bad queer" name in the vocabulary, "Gay, queer, faggot" you name it I was called it. Even in sign language to someone who didn't speak English well. "This guy will f*** you in the a** if you let him." was the message. The odd part about it was that it all pointed to the label "homosexual."

    Homosexuals or gay people as I prefer out of respect, have an attraction to people of their own gender.

    My brother was gay. I didn't share that attraction. I liked girls.

    But I also knew deep down inside I had this "feeling" that said, "you think you're straight, but think again." Especially in the presence of a gay brother.

    If those at my school were picking on me because they thought I was a "faggot", well they must be right.

    The torment is intense. I am "labeled" with what I believe to be a hideous thing that I don't really agree with but can't deny because of what I truly know underneath.

    That's what I get for being honest like I've always been told to be.

    While ignorance is not an excuse for lawbreaking I am still here. To spite my detractors, I found my way out of a dark place.

    I hope to be able to rewrite some of the "laws"


  2. yes i can relate to that, i have been seen as faggot who does not admit to it, in the closet about his gay self, but i was always attracted to girls, while i felt and moved like a girl, never felt very confident, low self esteem and shame is what i felt,